Submission Guide

Entering ArtePrize 2017 is easy.

All you have to do is follow these 7 simple steps:


1. Download the ArteVue App.


2. Create your ArteVue profile. Photograph and upload three (3) images of your art prize submission, so that we can see it from different angles and also the detail of the work (see here for guidelines on taking the best photos). Make sure to add the Artwork Title, Size, Year of Production and hashtag #arteprize2017 in the caption section and ensure the 'Add to My Gallery' and 'Add to my Feed' button is active when uploading your photos.

3. Then upload five (5) images of other recent work you have made. Make sure to add the Artwork Title, Size and Year of Production and again ensure the 'Add to My Gallery' and 'Add to my Feed' button is active when uploading your photos.

4. Go to the 'Gallery' section of the app (square Icon on the Icon bar at the bottom of the App) and edit the Gallery to add your name at the top and write a short description about your work in the description box below (max. 300 characters).

5. Press the PDF button (top right hand corner). Select all eight (8) images and click 'Create PDF'. The App will tell you when it has been created and sent.

6. You will receive your PDF via the email address you provided when setting up your ArteVue account.

7. Finally just forward the e-mail you have received (please ensure PDF remains attached) to

Please make sure your submission is answering the below submission theme:

"The Art World of The Future”
“We want you to create a piece that shows us your interpretation of the art world of the future. Are we ultimately moving towards an unlimited, free, open and limitless global creative environment – or does technology restrict us, reduce creativity, take away the value of draftsmanship, encourage plagiarism and ultimately create new boundaries that never existed before? Perhaps it’s somewhere in-between. Show us. Create debate. Stimulate discussion”

The final deadline for submissions is 11:59pm GMT on Monday, October 1st 2017

That's it - simple! Good luck!